“Resolve” Action short film


Jing (Tien Hoang) had a secret but his brothers know and more importantly his boss Johnson (Lloyd Morris) now knows too. He needs to escape before they catch up with him.

“Subway Showdown” Action short film


Here is the latest Short Action Video we have made together and the result of 5 hours choreography/rehearsals and shooting.

* Shot! 📽 Cut! 🎞 And scored 🎼 by Leif Johnson

* Action Performers: Tien Hoang and Jean-Paul Ly

* Fight Choreography by: Jean-Paul Ly and Tien Hoang

Tien Hoang “The Urban Shaolin” – Weapons Reel 2016


I would like to present to you all my exciting new video “Shaolin Weapons Action Reel 2016” based on the style of Shaolin Kungfu that I have been studying in London.